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By Jason Rodriguez
Over 20 years ago I found myself working as a FedEx driver trying to figure out how the wealthiest people made their money because I was tired of working hard and having so little money to show for it. ( Can you relate?)
I really wanted to make enough money to live comfortably so I wouldn't have to work for someone else for the next 40 years. I didn’t want to be stuck in the 40/ 40/ 40 rut…. You know- working 40 hours a week for 40 years then retiring with only 40% of the income made while working. (Are you currently in the cycle?)

I wanted to be able to live comfortably, take vacations and have enough money to enjoy the greater things in life while still providing for my family. I didn’t want to sacrifice stability for luxuries.

The thing is, I was having difficulty finding enough time to make a career change that would improve my future financial outlook without sacrificing my current financial obligations... 

That meant I couldn’t live comfortably, take vacations and have enough money to enjoy the greater things in life, let alone still provide for my family.

I knew that I would have to make sacrifices for my future. I had to invest in myself and sometimes I had to sacrifice my current job to gain the education I needed. I called in sick, I stayed up late, and I took every opportunity to learn as much as I could.

To make things worse, I felt terrible because I wasn't sure if I could make this goal a reality. I felt even worse about the situation because I wouldn't be able to give my future family the life, I promised them and knew in my heart they deserved. I felt like a dreamer instead of an action taker.

One of my most memorable days was the day I realized I worked hard and only had $213 in savings. I was possibly one catastrophe away from a complete financial emergency...
What People Are Saying:
I was excited to learn real estate!
I really needed someone to help me with the basics of how to properly invest and the advanced strategies. 
That's right about the time that I found Jason Rodriguez. 
Jason was passionate about helping me and my partner get to our next level. 
Whenever I have a question Jason and the team are there to help. 

I highly recommend anyone that wants to take their business to the next level to get with Jason and the team.
- Risha, NJ
We were brand-new barely knowing anything about real estate investing when we decided to go to a networking event. 
That's where we met Jason Rodriguez. 
Jason introduced us to some great people that were doing lots of deals.
He presented us to private lenders and hard money lenders because we needed funding. 
Jason and the team were different from other investors that we had met; they were very open to sharing information that others were not willing to share. He was very knowledgeable and cared.

Most importantly we knew that we found someone that can help us explode our real estate investing business. You should definitely speak to Jason.
- Ross and Giana, NJ
I Am Committed. 
Finished with college and ready for Business 

I have been around other investors and other groups. I quickly felt something special. 
Jason and his team are extremely knowledgeable in real estate investing, and I was able to tell how he could help me in my business once we began speaking of what I needed and where I wanted my business to go. 

This was perfect because I was looking for a mentor to help guide me down my path of  real estate investing.
I'm excited about my future. 
- Omar, NJ 
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"How To Invest In Real Estate Without Your Credit Or Your Money" 
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